ACYagyO11X8Im1pY7SlM-o55FV8 Kumpulan Template blog Keren dan SEO Terbaru 2013

Kumpulan Template blog Keren dan SEO Terbaru 2013

Diposkan oleh agus supriadi on Senin, 15 April 2013

#1. Metro Simple Blogger Template

I would just say that this template is great. This template was recently created and has all features which a professional design must have. The most beautiful template I can say, this one is. It has all what you need.

#2. Inspiration Dawn Blogger Template

I really like simple and professional blogger templates and this one is of course a simple and professional template. It Has a look similar like and you can however customize any part of this template according to your needs. Photos Gallery, two cute menus including drop down and a big header is the beauty of this template.

#3. Devil's Workshop Blogger Template

This template is the one which I'm using myself on this blog for last few months and the result is great yet. Especially it is SEO optimized and easy to customize. I will keep it on my blog for a long time. It has all necessary features.

#4. MONOP Blogger Template 

This template is totally a fresh and clean one. The template is created by a professional web designer and SEO opmitzer Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of MBT. this template has space for Google adsense ads and also a beautiful red colored drop down menu. The header is also cool, and has a default subscription box for Facebook, Twitter and email subscribers. So grab this template by clicking the downloading link below the picture.

#5. Halifax Blogger Template

This template is very awesome in design and Layout. I just liked its header and simple navigation bar. It can attract people who like quiet environment while reading a blog.

#6. Mash 2 Blogger Template

Mash 2 is the second copy of Mashable blogger template in 2012. So it is also a great template in design, menus, layout and with other widgets. This template can also be used in 2013 for blogging.

#7. Freshable Blogger Template

This is another beautiful template for personal blogs and has a very unique navigation menu at header. The space for logo is also a new one. This template has many other features and a cute side bar. Must give it a try in 2013. This template is created by Faizan Ali of MBL who is also a silent reader of this blog. He blogs terribly.

#8. Quintel Blogger Template

Quintel blogger template is also released in the middle of 2012 and it is similarly like Way2blogging template. It has a navigation menu along with a header and can be customized easily.

#9. Balena Blogger Template

Balena is WordPress converted blogger template which is the best for Cooking blogs and other domestic blogs. Girls and women can use it for their blogs and it has a colorful environment. 

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